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A list of general topic forums and some resource sites useful to forum posters, moderators and admins.

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10 397

"The" place for you !
South Island
10 213

Chat - Recipes - Games - Fun - Graphics
Come check us out!
Debates and Discussions
10 361

Current Events, World, State, or Local News.
Games, Trivia and more.
Whispering Minds
10 454

We'd love to have you aboard.
Yakety Yak
10 469

A friendly place with lots of topics to discuss, some serious, some fun and some informative.
The Common Room Forum
10 168

All are warmly invited to draw up a chair, have a cup of tea and join in the fun - as little or as much as you want to. Any age, any culture, any background. Just keep it friendly!
The Coffe House
10 173

The Coffee House is a friendly and informal community dedicated to having fun.
10 315

Here's the place to kick back and enjoy!
NerdiestKen's Forum: The Reboot
10 33

Since 2019, we provide a wide range of topics that will keep the members talking.
Sunny Daze
10 234

Join us in 'chit-chat' and our daily conversations...
Buzz 50
10 102

The friendliest senior chat, senior forums and over 50s social networking site for seniors over 50 in the world!
Off Topix
10 60

Off Topix is a well established general discussion forum that originally opened in 2009
We cover all sorts of topics, so there's bound to be something inside to pique your interest.
Friday Night Lights
10 363

* Chit Chat * Questions * Discussions *

Join In The Fun!
10 29

For casual to serious debate about big issues.
10 25

Small talk, off topic, quizzes, news and more.y7
Spices Coffee House
10 50

Come on in, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or maybe even something stronger. We'd love to you welcome you.
Shekas Shack
10 444

A friendly place to chat,laugh and test your brains
Emerald's Isle
10 125

Come into our circle of friends where a warm welcome is waiting for you for you!
Discussion Block
10 58

A general chat and general discussion forum with a focus on providing a safe, positive, and welcoming space to all
The Cafe'
10 123

The Cafe is a small but fun Forum!
Games, News, Entertainment, Sports and of course a Humour section.

Please respect the rules and customs of any places on our list that you choose to visit.
Sites are grouped by activity and are NOT ranked by voting, either in or out.

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